DCF Fall Retreat 2009

So I’m back from retreat exhausted but pleasantly surprised that I’m peaceful despite the looming midterm on Tuesday afternoon. I can’t believe how much God can do in 1.5 days. He truly is faithful and meets us where we’re at. I made new friends this week and got closer to older friends. God has a way of transforming lives at retreats.

First off. I left later than everyone else because I was picking up some newcomers that didn’t have rides but I had to leave 2 hours later. I was not happy at first but then I got to go home and take a nap, so it worked out. I felt the enemy trying to ruin my retreat from the very start. When we arrived, all of the dorm beds were taken so I had to drive down the hill to the cabins but then I liked the cabins better because it smelled weird in the dorms.

God spoke to me during Saturday night worship about giving it all, which included my false humility. I try to let others lead and be the front person, but God has called me to be a leader this school year – to step up and take that leadership position He has for me. This can be really unsettling and/or really scary because I don’t always feel qualified to step up, but God is calling me higher. He is wanting to put me on display and I can’t shy away from the light.

Through Jeremy Anderson’s message on Saturday night, I was encouraged to step out more in evangelism – talking about Him in my everyday conversation. More fears and doubts were being handed over to God. I got to pray with some other people and I definitely felt God’s presence working.

The testimonies from this week are so amazing, so God. I’m so grateful to God for all He’s done and all He’s doing. I got to lead worship with Zach this morning it was good. We didn’t have a lot of practice time, but God’s presence was there because people were hungry and seeking after His presence.

One thought on “DCF Fall Retreat 2009

  1. Jeremy is a great guy, I’m glad his words encouraged you. Sometimes God makes us leaders so that he can change us. Sounds like a great 1.5 days!


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