Free Books for Blog Reviews – Dreamers

So I was looking at an book review and found that bloggers can get free review copies of books to write a review on their blog and other publishing websites like Amazon. I quickly googled “review books for free” and found booksneeze and blogging for books.

Totally cool. I signed up for one of them to see if I qualify. Obviously, I don’t have many followers but it would still be fun to combine reading with blogging reviews.


I really do love a good book. I recently finished “Dreamers” by Angela E. Hunt. It was amazing and I couldn’t put it down. It was a love story wrapped around the story of Joseph – one of my all time favorites from the Bible. Obviously, Hunt takes some liberties with the characters and their storylines but I felt I was transported to another world, another time. The characters were very real and very human – Hunt did an amazing job and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the story continues in 2 more books which I have yet to purchase. I look forward to reuniting with the characters again even though the ending was not what I was expecting – love in all of its various forms.

Word of Encouragement

and then he told me,
My grace is enough; it’s all you need.
My strength comes into its own in your weakness.
Once I heard that, I was glad to let it happen. I quit focusing on the handicap and began appreciating the gift. It was a case of Christ’s strength moving in on my weakness. Now I take limitations in stride, and with good cheer, these limitations that cut me down to size—abuse, accidents, opposition, bad breaks. I just let Christ take over! And so the weaker I get, the stronger I become.
~ 2 Cor. 12:9-10 (MSG)

The Perfect Relationship

A smile.
I’m content.
I’m getting what I need and what I want.
I speak.
I listen.
I am heard.
I see truth.
I see love.
I cannot hide.
I don’t wanna hide.
I seek to know and be known.
I cannot hide my love, my devotion.

I am wanted.
I am desired.
I am loved.
I am destined.
I cannot hide my love.

Through pain.
Through sorrow.
Through storms.
I can rely on You.
I can face every thing, every trial, every mistake.
I look to You.
I am loved by You unconditionally.
You know my every thought, every hair.
You know my every flaw but love me anyway.

Anyway, You care about all of me.
All of my life.
All of my hopes.
All of my dreams.
Every thing.
You care.
You see.
You love.
I cannot hide.

I cannot resist.
I cannot comprehend.
I do not deserve this love but you give it to me freely – no strings attached.
No words can describe this perfect love.
This perfect gift.
I cannot hide my love.

Wrote this during CORE 4/7/10 when we were defining “The Perfect Relationship”.

Chi Alpha Winter Conference Notes

Friday, 1-15-10 Winston Bui

Heb 11:21 Jacob leaning on his staff
Staff – carved designs on for specific events to be remembered; OT, staff represents your life

Ex. 3 Moses
Ex. 4:2 Moses, lay down your life (staff)
What’s in your hand?
Lay down your life.

1 Sam. 17:40 David & Goliath
Ps. 23:4 Your rod and your staff comfort me

1-16-10 AM Char Blair

Who will take your trash?
-Remove the mask and reveal what’s underneath –> to see the real you

1. Be honest with God about what or whom you worship.
Ps. 115:8

2. Be honest with yourself about your weakness(es)
– In all of your realness, be RIGHT.
– You are NOT above the rules.
* Identify with the sick only long enough to get well.
– The very thing that makes me vulnerable to sin is the same thing that gets God to “slows down” and see in order to save you.
2 Cor. 12:7-10 Christ’s strength moving in on my weakness
– He’d rather have you messy than not at all.

3. Be honest with others about who and where you are
– Rule of truth – no one has the right to tell someone else “the truth” until they have spent time, energy, and focus to learn the truth about themselves.
– The power of being in touch with your weakness
–> we all struggle and need a Savior
–> in society, health = absence of pain
–> in Kingdom of God, everything’s different – opposite – painful process toward health

1-16-10 PM Winston Bui
Is. 38:18
– Hezekiah doesn’t want to die.
–> Hezekiah was willing to praise God, so God added 15 more years to his life

2 Chron. 20 Jehosaphat – as people began to sing praises to their God, …
– He will fight your battle b/c battle is His
– Praise will make God fight your battle

Acts 15:25 Paul & Silas – prison praise
– Death is gateway into presence of God

1-17-10 AM Char Blair
-Life doesn’t turn out the way you think it will
Lk. 9:57-62 If you follow me, I am homeless
– Terrain is uncertain – requires all strength
– Flexibility – having ability to bend w/o breaking
Wannabe disciples:
1. Over eager –> ask before being asked to follow
2. Wait a year first
3. Bid farewell to family first
– Can’t plow a straight line if you keep looking back
– Following Christ takes our undivided attention – not on again, off again relationship
* In every Christian’s heart, there’s a cross and a throne
– You can bend or be bent
– e.g. Palm Tree
– Our job is to go deep; God’s job is to go wide.
– Palm tree is extremely flexible – cut it but can’t kill it

– God doesn’t need me but He wants me involved.
– Sitting at His feet –> true satisfaction –> being content with my portion
– Being a servant is hardest and most fulfilling job in my life
– One person can change the season in your life.
– When you set aside dreams and visions to serve someone else, your dreams come true too.
– Faithfulness –> God has called me to be faithful – Mother Teresa
– In mundane moments, miracles can happen.
– Death of my desires brings about His desires.
–> Never settle for less than His desires.
–> Reversible death vs. Irreversible death – I’m really good at giving CPR to my flesh
– What is your Italy?

Jn 12:25 Lose your life


1-18-10 AM Char Blair
Jer. 31:3 Everlasting love
The gift is always greater than the individual

Spiritual abuse:
– God’s love and favor depend on my behavior
– God’s too big to care about me
– A strong faith will keep me from pain

Having a hard time with church –> separated from Bride
– Must be committed to the Bride
– The higher the commitment, the lower the attraction
– I love the Bride b/c Christ loves her

Ez. 16:8-14
The Bride keeps me accountable
Accountability = offering up info before it’s required of you
– We need to be pushed. There will be things in your life that you’ll never do unless you are pushed.
– Bride makes me a better person – give and take
– Feed others while being fed
– Helps make mature believers
– Guarding my heart while opening my arms
– When people get together, God shows up.