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Hello! I graduated from UC Davis in 2010 with a B.S. in biological sciences with an emphasis in neurobiology, physiology, and behavior. I plan on becoming a doctor eventually. I am a born-again Christian who loves Jesus with all my heart. He is the reason that I live and breathe.

Update edit 6/30/16: I recently obtained my Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences from Kansas City University.

Update edit 10/20/16: I got into medical school!!! I was recently accepted into the Class of 2022 at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in Kansas City, MO. God has been so faithful to me these past 5+ years. Never give up on your dreams!!!

 Would you rather…

A very cute picture of me when I was younger
A very cute picture of me when I was younger
  1. Watch, Star Wars, or Star Trek? Use whichever moves you find most relevant.
    • Depends on which Star Trek. I prefer Star Trek Voyager or TNG, but I do love Star Wars and can’t wait for the next movie that’s coming out.
  2. Read on a Kindle or paperback book? This question is a starter for many possible conversations on reading, favorite books, technology, libraries, bookstores, and more.
    • I prefer paperback but a Kindle book is so much more convenient to carry around a lot of books and it’s instant gratification when I want to read something new.
  3. Go to a play or musical?
    • I ❀ musicals!
  4. Go to the theater or a movie?
    • Live is not always better than film BUT I do prefer theater.
  5. Hike or bike?
    • Neither? Haha. I guess hike? I’m a horrible bicyclist.
  6. Wear jeans or chinos?
    • Jeans!
  7. Have a Margarita or Pina Colada?
    • Neither. I prefer Nojitos since I don’t drink.
  8. Crash with friends or stay in a hotel?
    • Crashing with friends is so much more fun.
  9. Visit Europe or Mexico?
    • Already been to Mexico and wouldn’t mind going back but I’ve never been to Europe so I definitely want to visit there too.
  10. Vacation in Hawaii or Alaska, and why?
    • I love Hawaii because it’s laid back and relaxing and gorgeous. I would also love to visit Alaska and soak in it’s incredible landscapes and nature.
  11. Go skiing or snowshoeing?
    • Since I’m not a great skier, I’d love to try snowshoeing.
  12. Travel by plane, train, or automobile?
    • I like flying πŸ˜‰
  13. Go climbing or zip lining?
    • Zip-lining!
  14. Go to a comedy club or dance club?
    • Both πŸ˜‰
  15. Have a night out or evening in?
    • Both πŸ˜‰
  16. Watch TV or read a book?
    • Both πŸ™‚
  17. Go canoeing or waterskiing?
    • Canoeing sounds more fun. I really love whitewater rafting (that should have been an option).
  18. Camp in an RV or stay in a tent?
    • Camp in an RV since I’ve already stayed in a tent.
  19. Use Facebook or Twitter?
    • Facebook (but really Instagram)
  20. Choose a free trip or money?
    • Either. Both have their pros and cons.
  21. Win the lottery or find your perfect job?
    • Perfect job!
  22. Swim in a pool or the ocean? Salt water and waves crashing on the beach or temperature controlled, lovely water all year round.
    • Swim in a pool. Not a big fan of sand getting everywhere, but that doesn’t mean I hate the beach.
  23. Travel by sailboat or cruise ship?
    • I’ve only been on one cruise but I loved it and am trying to plan my next cruise soon.
  24. Watch sports or play sports?
    • Not that I’m super athletic, but I would much rather play sports than just watch.
  25. Play dodgeball or kickball?
    • Dodgeball πŸ™‚

Here’s what some of my friends say about me:

Kimberly (a.k.a Kimber) is a pretty rad person. She’s super reliable, loyal, outgoing, SUPER DUPPPERR SMART, and is a kooky cutie pie!! She’s like a Vincent Van Gogh painting…from far away you think you know her but as you get closer, you realize there is a lot of uniqueness and complexity to Kimber and you fall more and more in love with her!!!! – Angela W.

Kim is uber-friendly and always up for a good time. She’s loyal, and she’s genuine in her desire to know you. She loves Jesus and leading worship as she rocks the keys! – Kimmi W.

Favorite Quotes To Live By

I want to paint the way a bird sings.


I set myself on fire, and the people come to see me burn,

John Wesley

If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.

C.S. Lewis

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Kim,
    Congrats on Med School! I’m sure you’re super-busy. But I’d love to pitch my newest release to you for review–it looks right up your alley. πŸ™‚

    The main character is female, from Kansas City, a worship leader with a hunger for revival–but the book is mystery/suspense genre. It’s called HOPE IS A DANGEROUS PLACE, and is now available on Amazon and other platforms.

    Please email me at jimbaton@gmail.com or through my website https://jimbaton.com/ and I’ll send you more details, or send you a free copy in any format you prefer.

    All the best!


  2. Hi Kim!
    Love your blog! I just sent you a review request via Facebook messenger (maybe I missed it, but I couldn’t find a place here to email you).

    Thanks for your time!


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