Letting Go

I think it’s amazing how caught up we can get on the performance aspect of worship when it’s not about anyone else but Him. There are obviously ways to facilitate a great worship set but that’s not the point. God is the audience of One we worship – not performing for a group of people. Ultimately, He is the One that we ask, “Did You like that?” He specifically told me, “Wait a sec, who is the One you are worshiping?” when I was asking people for feedback on worship. It’s always important to realize that God is the One who’s opinion matters the most. Feedback is always appreciated but in the end, God is the One who makes everything the way it needs to be, including my worship. He is the One forming me into the person He’s called me to be – every experience, every thought, every conversation, etc. He is molding and shaping me because I am definitely not perfect YET.

Lord Jesus
I let go of all of my wants and needs
You are what I want and need more than anything else
I just want to please Your heart
Bring a smile to Your face
Love You for You

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