Book Review: The Yellow Lantern by Angie Dicken

The Yellow Lantern: True Colors: Historical Stories of American Crime

The Yellow Lantern
by Angie Dicken
Part of True Colors – Historical Stories of Romance and American Crime
Rating: 4/5

Imagine waking up in 1824 in Massachusetts and being told that you were already pronounced dead. Imagine being told that your body was taken by grave robbers for the purpose of medical research. Imagine that in order to keep your life and your family’s lives safe, you are forced to spy for said grave robbers in order to get more cadavers. How would you handle that? How would you deal with the situation? Josephine Clayton is in such a position. Her whole world is turned upside down as she leaves home to work at a cotton mill. Her mission is simple – report on any fatal accidents that occur at the cotton mill and pose as a mourner at the funeral so the doctor can get his replacement corpse. When Josephine enters the world of cotton, she finds her talents for healing a welcome relief to the accident prone mill and finds friendship with the other mill girls. The factory manager, Braham Terrance, sees her worth and they form a friendship. However, what happens when a family member close to Braham becomes ill and Josephine has a choice to make on whether she can fulfill her duty?

Just reading the premise of this book was so interesting that I had to read it. I haven’t read many true crime novels but as a medical student, I found the grave robbing for medical purposes very interesting. I’ve read a few books about the cotton mill girls and was interested to see what the author chose to focus on. The author is able to transport the reader into the world of cotton mills and grave robbing in a very understandable way. The characters are interesting and seem authentic. They’ve seen many hardships but still try to make their way in the world.

Highly recommend this delightful read.

My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of the book. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. No positive review was expected and no compensation received.

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