Book Review: Molly by Julie Jarnagin

by Julie Jarnagin
Rating: 4/5
Book 3 of the Perfect Match series
Amazon – Romance | Short Reads

As a relationship columnist for a national women’s magazine, Molly McShea is granted the opportunity of her entire career — free trip to paradise to meet her perfect match. All she has to do is write about her experience, document her trip via social media, and she’ll be promoted! What she doesn’t expect to find is a surf instructor who doesn’t want anything to do with social media and the spotlight. Sean Logan has his younger brother to protect and a secret that he desperately wants to keep private. Can these two people really be each other’s “perfect match”?  Will Sean and Molly risk it all for a chance at love?

This story was short and sweet. I loved how Molly was able to do her job while still trying to protect Sean. I loved how Sean and Molly really tried to make things work despite the difficulties and complications. Sean and Molly’s characters were decently thought out and very relatable.

Fun, flirty, clean romance for the summer! Can’t wait to read the rest in the series. I did not read the others in the series, and since they’re by different authors and about different characters, you can definitely read them as standalone stories. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a summer read!

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