Review of Sky of Fire and Ash

Sky of Fire and AshSky of Fire and Ash
by Julie Hall & Audrey Grey
Novella in Empires of Shadow and Ash: A Limited Edition Collection
Rating: 4/5

I absolutely loved the story and completed it within a couple hours. Recently, I became a huge fan of Julie Hall and her Life After series and when I saw she had another book coming out, I had to read it. Now, I’m going to have to read more Audrey Grey too. It’s that good.

Now to the story…DRAGONS! Who doesn’t love dragons? I admit I haven’t had a chance to read much regarding dragons but the story swept me up and I was so sad to see it end. Novellas have a way of taking you on a journey that you don’t want to end. The story does not rush to conclusions though at the end which is usually a consequence of length.

This is a beautiful story about self-discovery. Fallon is a Firewalker who has never fit in but she tries to do the job she was created for — kill scorchers in the war against the drakoni. However, when a mission goes “horribly wrong” (on her birthday no less) the truth about who she is and what she’s fighting for is just beginning. Will she be able to save her people? Will she accept her true destiny?

I highly recommend this book. I took off one star because I haven’t read the rest of the stories yet but honestly, paying $0.99 for this one story is so worth it. Anything else is just extra icing!

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