Book Review: Keep Holding On by Melissa Tagg

Keep Holding On
by Melissa Tagg
Rating: 5/5
Book 3 of the Walker Family series
Larkspur Press – Fiction | Contemporary Romance

Best friends look out for each other. Best friends have each other’s back. Best friends know how to make each other smile or relax after a trying day. Best friends give each other a second chance?

Beckett Walker has come home to Maple Valley. He has a chance at a new career start since corporate law isn’t as fulfilling as he’d hoped. He’s come back to make things right with the law. What he doesn’t expect is to see his former best friend, Kit Danby, at his cousin’s wedding. What he doesn’t expect is to get arrested by Kit’s ex-fiancé, who is now the police chief. Will his dreams of becoming joining the JAG Corps be derailed by this mishap?

Kit is just as surprised to see Beckett as he was to see her. She’s back from Europe to see why her brother hasn’t been answering any of her calls, texts, or emails. She’s desperate to save her family’s legacy, Valley Orchard. What she finds at home is a mysterious missing brother and an orchard in disrepair. Can she convince her father not to sell her precious orchard filled with so many memories? Will her background and education in horticulture along with her hope to revitalize her grandparents’ dreams be enough to sustain her?

As Beckett starts working off his community service hours at Kit’s orchard, can they put aside the past, forgive one another and build a future together?

I was awake late into the night trying to finish this book. I finally finished it this morning! Talk about swoon-worthy. Talk about the feels! I definitely shed a few tears of joy and sadness. Melissa Tagg really knows how to craft genuine characters that the reader cares about. I’ve read the other two books in the series and am hoping for more. There’s humor and faith intricately woven throughout.

What struck me the most was the book’s message of hope and trust. I’ve been dealing with my own trust issues, but God has been faithful. I recently was accepted into medical school after having taken the MCAT five times. I’ve struggled and will struggle again, but I know God is on my side and I can trust His plan for me.

[W]hen God calls us to something, it doesn’t mean we’re never going to have setbacks. And if we go doubting his direction every time we face a challenge, we’ll end up stagnant and frustrated, tied up in knots.

Sometimes God whispers. Sometimes he shouts. He doesn’t always communicate the same way twice, and frankly, sometimes we’re going to get it wrong. But part of faith is embracing the mystery–all the while knowing that even when we’re confused, God is faithful. He’s trustworthy.

He doesn’t ask for perfect hearing or a life free of missteps, Kit. Just your trust.

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