Chi Alpha Winter Conference Notes

Friday, 1-15-10 Winston Bui

Heb 11:21 Jacob leaning on his staff
Staff – carved designs on for specific events to be remembered; OT, staff represents your life

Ex. 3 Moses
Ex. 4:2 Moses, lay down your life (staff)
What’s in your hand?
Lay down your life.

1 Sam. 17:40 David & Goliath
Ps. 23:4 Your rod and your staff comfort me

1-16-10 AM Char Blair

Who will take your trash?
-Remove the mask and reveal what’s underneath –> to see the real you

1. Be honest with God about what or whom you worship.
Ps. 115:8

2. Be honest with yourself about your weakness(es)
– In all of your realness, be RIGHT.
– You are NOT above the rules.
* Identify with the sick only long enough to get well.
– The very thing that makes me vulnerable to sin is the same thing that gets God to “slows down” and see in order to save you.
2 Cor. 12:7-10 Christ’s strength moving in on my weakness
– He’d rather have you messy than not at all.

3. Be honest with others about who and where you are
– Rule of truth – no one has the right to tell someone else “the truth” until they have spent time, energy, and focus to learn the truth about themselves.
– The power of being in touch with your weakness
–> we all struggle and need a Savior
–> in society, health = absence of pain
–> in Kingdom of God, everything’s different – opposite – painful process toward health

1-16-10 PM Winston Bui
Is. 38:18
– Hezekiah doesn’t want to die.
–> Hezekiah was willing to praise God, so God added 15 more years to his life

2 Chron. 20 Jehosaphat – as people began to sing praises to their God, …
– He will fight your battle b/c battle is His
– Praise will make God fight your battle

Acts 15:25 Paul & Silas – prison praise
– Death is gateway into presence of God

1-17-10 AM Char Blair
-Life doesn’t turn out the way you think it will
Lk. 9:57-62 If you follow me, I am homeless
– Terrain is uncertain – requires all strength
– Flexibility – having ability to bend w/o breaking
Wannabe disciples:
1. Over eager –> ask before being asked to follow
2. Wait a year first
3. Bid farewell to family first
– Can’t plow a straight line if you keep looking back
– Following Christ takes our undivided attention – not on again, off again relationship
* In every Christian’s heart, there’s a cross and a throne
– You can bend or be bent
– e.g. Palm Tree
– Our job is to go deep; God’s job is to go wide.
– Palm tree is extremely flexible – cut it but can’t kill it

– God doesn’t need me but He wants me involved.
– Sitting at His feet –> true satisfaction –> being content with my portion
– Being a servant is hardest and most fulfilling job in my life
– One person can change the season in your life.
– When you set aside dreams and visions to serve someone else, your dreams come true too.
– Faithfulness –> God has called me to be faithful – Mother Teresa
– In mundane moments, miracles can happen.
– Death of my desires brings about His desires.
–> Never settle for less than His desires.
–> Reversible death vs. Irreversible death – I’m really good at giving CPR to my flesh
– What is your Italy?

Jn 12:25 Lose your life


1-18-10 AM Char Blair
Jer. 31:3 Everlasting love
The gift is always greater than the individual

Spiritual abuse:
– God’s love and favor depend on my behavior
– God’s too big to care about me
– A strong faith will keep me from pain

Having a hard time with church –> separated from Bride
– Must be committed to the Bride
– The higher the commitment, the lower the attraction
– I love the Bride b/c Christ loves her

Ez. 16:8-14
The Bride keeps me accountable
Accountability = offering up info before it’s required of you
– We need to be pushed. There will be things in your life that you’ll never do unless you are pushed.
– Bride makes me a better person – give and take
– Feed others while being fed
– Helps make mature believers
– Guarding my heart while opening my arms
– When people get together, God shows up.

Letting Go

I think it’s amazing how caught up we can get on the performance aspect of worship when it’s not about anyone else but Him. There are obviously ways to facilitate a great worship set but that’s not the point. God is the audience of One we worship – not performing for a group of people. Ultimately, He is the One that we ask, “Did You like that?” He specifically told me, “Wait a sec, who is the One you are worshiping?” when I was asking people for feedback on worship. It’s always important to realize that God is the One who’s opinion matters the most. Feedback is always appreciated but in the end, God is the One who makes everything the way it needs to be, including my worship. He is the One forming me into the person He’s called me to be – every experience, every thought, every conversation, etc. He is molding and shaping me because I am definitely not perfect YET.

Lord Jesus
I let go of all of my wants and needs
You are what I want and need more than anything else
I just want to please Your heart
Bring a smile to Your face
Love You for You

Getting Back in the Saddle

I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed playing on a worship team. It’s always an experience! I’m fascinated by the dynamics of each team which are different. I believe that everyone has a different way that they express worship to God. We need each other’s expression and when we come together to worship, watch out! I got to play with DCF in the large group and in my core group. I just recently played for Davis Christian Assembly, which was a whole other experience.

The way each person worships is unique. And God is forever faithful to show up when we make room for Him to move.

Recently, I had a vision of how much God the Father loves us. I saw this young boy who was dirty from playtime (as boys seem to be). He runs up to his father who has open arms. The father doesn’t tell the son to clean up first. He doesn’t shrink away from his son. The father welcomes the son’s hugs and the son just wants to tell his father about his day. God the Father wants to welcome us into His arms, but many times we feel we are too dirty and must be perfect and holy before we can embrace Him. God the Father loves us – He is not going to turn away from us. Jesus’ blood cleanses us – not us – not me!

You took all my hurt
You took all my pain
You washed it all away
You took all my guilt
You took all my shame
You washed it all away

By Your blood
By the blood of the Lamb

You washed it all away

Now I’m free to know this joy
Now I’m free to know this love
Now I’m free, I’m free

Making Decisions

I know that it’s in my nature to be indecisive, so I try to put things on the back burner and just sorta hide them away from my subconscious mind. I had to make a decision that I’ve been putting off because I didn’t want to upset anyone and didn’t want to limit myself. I don’t know if that’s the right thing to call it, but I’ve decided on which Christian fellowship I’m going to be a part of. I’m gonna stay with Davis Christian Fellowship, part of Chi Alpha. I have one last InterVarsity meeting and Bible study, then I’ll be going to DCF full time. It’s bittersweet, but I know that God will honor my choice. He didn’t care which one I chose, but He wanted me to choose one. I needed to make a decision. Making decisions is hard. It’s a part of growing up that I can’t seem to get a hang of. I always find myself not knowing what to choose.

However, I am glad that I have the choice. God gives us free will. We were not created as robots, who just do what we’re told or made to do. God loves us so much that He gives us a CHOICE. We get to decide who we will live our lives for. I can’t explain how awesome this is. His amazing love overwhelms me.

Although making choices is difficult, the more important thing is living with the consequences of your actions.