CelebrateLit Tour & Giveaway: The Songstress by Lori Bates Wright

the songstress

About the Book

Book:  The Songstress

Author: Lori Bates Wright

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release date: April 16, 2021


Rising opera star, Juliana Chamberlain, still has nightmares of the night she witnessed the assassination of the President of the United States from her spot on stage at Ford Theater. Recruited by The Pinkerton Detective Agency, Juliana was instrumental in bringing those responsible to justice.

Now, two years later, the Pinkertons ask her once again to join forces in exposing a corrupt political organization terrorizing her home in Texas.

Texas Ranger, Cade Matlock, has a job to do. He needs no help from a meddlesome diva with big ideas. However, he is a man of his word. He’s committed to partner with the lovely songstress to smoke out the mastermind of a dangerous clan who has proven he will stop at nothing to satisfy his thirst for vengeance.

Cade and Juliana soon discover their greatest strength is in working together until shadows of the past threaten to destroy their future.

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About the Author


Lori Bates Wright is an award winning author with a love for history.

Raised in New Mexico, Lori now lives in Texas with her husband of 38 years. She has two grown kids and four adorable grand boys (who leap tall buildings in a single bound!) When she’s not writing, she’s heading up small group ministries with her husband. She enjoys speaking and interacting with women of all ages.

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My Review

The Songstress
by Lori Bates Wright
Book 1 in A Matter of Time series
Rating: 4/5

When I read the description for this book, I knew I needed to read this story. As someone who thoroughly enjoys reading stories about the ladies who worked for the Pinkerton Agency, I was delighted to find this story and realize how entertaining and fast-paced this story would be. 

After witnessing the assassination of President Lincoln from the stage, Juliana Chamberlain was able to identify key people involved and began working for the Pinkerton Agency. As a renown opera singer, she traveled the world, but when she decides to retire as a singer, the agency has one more assignment for her involving her uncle and aunt in Texas. When Texas Ranger, Major Cade Matlock, finds himself as her partner, he doubts her abilities as an agent and is rudely surprised at Juliana’s skills. The two of them are out to discover what is happening in post-Civil War Texas behind the scenes and what happened on her uncle’s farm. Juliana must revisit her past to face her future. Cade must find a way to protect the ones he cares about.

I loved the two of them together. They are so cute and work really well together. Juliana is very smart and skillful as an actress which helps on her assignments. She is also well-trained for physical combat, which I appreciated. Cade is someone that Juliana can actually rely on to have her back and support her. Cade is someone who understands her and accepts her.

I also loved how power Juliana’s voice and song was portrayed in the story. Her voice and song captivated all those around her, and I just loved how her singing made everyone pause. As someone who sings and plays piano, I love the power of music and the emotions one can portray. The atmosphere can change in an instant when a song is sung or played.

The author did a great job of keeping me interested the whole time and I definitely read the book in a day. Highly recommend this exciting adventure story with romance and lots of action. I’m excited to read the next book in the series, especially since the author set it up at the end.

My thanks to the author and publisher for providing me with an ARC of the book. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. No positive review was expected and no compensation received.

I ended up reading the book on Kindle Unlimited too.

More from Lori

Growing up, my family loved to laugh.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are centered around my grandmother’s dining room table listening in while my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles told amazing stories. Sometimes I laughed until I’d lose my breath. Sometimes I sat quietly, taking in the bravery and perseverance shown by those who’d gone before me.

History has been a passion ever since. Couple that with an insatiable love for story and there you have the heart of what inspires me to write.

So, when it came time to brain-storm for this brand new series, I decided to take a known historical event and think about it from every angle. Beyond the recognized players, to the “what if” characters that might have played a role. And, ultimately, how such an event would have changed the course of their lives.

Thus, a star was born.

In THE SONGSTRESS, Juliana Chamberlain witnessed the assassination from her place on the stage. Because I love a little mystery and intrigue, I decided that the leading detective agency of the day would have enlisted her help in identifying the accomplices. Allen Pinkerton had been known to hire a lady detective or two, so she would be trained by the best. Her investigative skills proved helpful in bringing a quick resolution to the case.

Fast forward four years and she’s still haunted by what she saw that night. When Pinkerton again approaches her about a case involving her family in Texas, she accepts.

Being from Texas, I was so happy she did. I’ve wanted to write a story based in the Lone Star State for quite awhile. I loved visiting Georgia and the shores of England in my last series, but I have to say it was good to bring this one home. With all the rugged charm of the post-Civil War era, this book has a little more local flavor than my last three. Al-in-all, I believe my readers are in for a treat. A new cast of fun, quirky characters as we revisit a significant time in our nation.

So, here’s to new beginnings! Or as we say in Texas, “Hang on, y’all are in for a wild ride!”

Happy reading!

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To celebrate her tour, Lori is giving away the grand prize package of a Texas Gift basket including a signed copy of THE SONGSTRESS and a $25 Amazon Gift Card!!

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