The Ultimate Proposal

Once upon a time, Marc rented a horse-drawn carriage in Winters in the wintry December month. Dressed in a dashing 3-piece suit and a stylish sequined cape, he was filled with longing to declare his love to his beloved, Semra. He had personally groomed the horses till their coats were glistening. He also sprinkled glitter to make the horses’ coats sparkle and shine to show how much he loves her.

The Perfect Ride
The Perfect Ride

Semra wore her favorite tiara and white ballgown ensemble. She claims she had no idea what wonders were to come. She was moved to tears at the sight of the horse-drawn carriage, sparkling in the winter sun.
After a brisk drive through the country, snow descended from the heavens like gentle whispers caressing her face. When they stopped the carriage to gaze at the sunset reflecting over the lake, Marc and Semra sit down on the white sands of the lake of shining waters. Out of the sky, a majestic dove perches on the sands beside the loving couple.

Glitter in the Sky
Glitter in the Sky

There is a ribbon around the dove’s neck. As she leans closer, she sees a golden band on the ribbon and gasps. She turns to Marc to find him on one knee. As he gazes passionately into her mesmerizing eyes, he utters the words she’s been longing to hear, “Semra, you are the love of my life. I can’t imagine my life without you. Will you make me the happiest man on earth and give me your hand in marriage?”

As she gazes upon the four and a half carat diamond, its radiance lit up her face. She fervently exclaimed, “Yes. A thousand times, yes!” As Marc places the ring on her dainty finger, the dove takes flight, soaring into the sunset.

A Divine Sunset Upon the Lake of Shining Waters
A Divine Sunset Upon the Lake of Shining Waters

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