Book Review: Marisol – Spanish Rose by Elva Cobb Martin

Marisol – Spanish Rose
by Elva Cobb Martin
Book 1 in the Charleston Brides series
Wild Heart Books – Release date: 11/12/19
Rating: 4/5

Such a fun, sweet, action-packed story of love and redemption! I love being able to read books from the past. Historical fiction is always so interesting and different – the author has a way of transporting the reader to a time where pirates and privateers ruled the seas. I didn’t anticipate the amount of action that this book contains and it was wonderful!

After murdering the nobleman who raped her, Marisol flees the country to find refuge in the New World. On her voyage, she discovers she is pregnant and vows to keep her innocent child safe and loved. She must keep her past a secret and somehow find her only living relative in Cartagena. What happens when someone finds out the truth about her past?

Captain Ethan, a former pastor, rescues Marisol in order for her to be a governess for his young son. He is eager to protect her and her child no matter the cost. Can he get over the loss of his wife and other child which caused him to leave the church? Can he find a way to trust a God like that? Does he dare hope that he can be happy again and love another?

I enjoyed the story but I docked a star because some of the scenes seemed too out of character. I understand prayer can work miracles but it almost felt too easy. There weren’t believable consequences for actions. The problem is these scenes sort of took me out of the story but I ignored them because I loved the rest of the book. 

Great story about the power of prayer. Highly recommend!

My thanks to the publisher for an ARC of the book. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. No positive review was expected and no compensation received.

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