Book Review: Love and Other Mistakes by Jessica Kate

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Love and Other Mistakes
by Jessica Kate
Rating: 5/5

Wow. Just wow. Never have I read a story so poignant and so real and frustrating I wanted to yell at the characters. This book is THAT GOOD. I can’t explain how riled up the story made me and how much I just had to keep reading. I’m such a sucker for stories within a story. There were just enough characters to keep me hooked without getting too confusing.

Natalie has the opportunity of a lifetime – a second chance at her dream job, but it’s only an internship and she needs another part-time job to help with finances. Her ex-fiance, Jem, is back in town with his infant son and needs a part-time nanny. Desperate to prove that she has what it takes in ministry, she agrees to nanny Jem’s son, Oliver.

Jem is back in his hometown but hesitant to interact with his father who makes him feel like he’s never good enough. His first love, Natalie, doesn’t seem to want to forgive him but he’d love another chance to be with her. He’s a single dad trying to raise his son and care for his niece.

Lili, Jem’s teenage niece, ends up staying with her uncle and helping watch the baby after school. Lili’s own family seems to be falling apart and she can’t tell anyone. She’s being torn up inside and acting out. Where is God in all the chaos?

This story is real, funny, sad, frustrating, heart-breaking, hopeful, and a testament about the power of the forgiveness of God. I highly recommend reading this book. The author is not afraid to address issues that come up in real life and some of the hypocrisy that exists in the church. As a Christian, I was pleasantly surprised at how the author portrayed what was happening and the downward spirals that can easily occur. She addressed God’s forgiveness and the hope that it brings.

This book is worth reading.

My thanks to Netgalley for an ARC of the book. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. No positive review was expected and no compensation received.

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