City of Wishes 1-4 Review by Rachel Morgan

The Memory Thief (City of Wishes #1)

City of Wishes 1: The Memory Thief
By Rachel Morgan
Rating: 5/5

So I’m a huge fan of fairytale retellings and after reading the premise, I was hooked. The first book in this series (6 total) is so interesting and gets the reader so involved and invested in the story that you can’t stop reading. Granted, it is short – only 128 pages – but definitely a jam-packed story full of great world-building and fun characters. Elle is bound to her stepmother with a slave charm. Elle is desperately trying to gain enough fae currency to purchase a wish to be free. She has a rare gift that her stepmother takes advantage of, but Elle is able to monetize her gift to hopefully gain enough to get that wish. On a work outing, she literally bumps into the mysterious Dex, a fae, who tries to protect her from a vampire. Warning: this story ends on a cliffhanger. You will want to continue reading what happens next. Highly recommended for a great YA fantasy read!

The Vampire Trap (City of Wishes #2)

City of Wishes 2: The Vampire Trap
By Rachel Morgan
Rating: 5/5

Warning: highly addictive! This story is a continuation of the first book, The Memory Thief, and would not be understood without having read the first book. The first book is currently free, so please go there first. This story will have 6 different parts that all pretty much end in a cliffhanger – so be prepared to need to keep reading once you’ve finished one book. These are more like episodes due to their shorter length – this second episode is only 118 pages. Elle, who desperately wants to be free from her stepmother’s cruel enslavement, turns to Dex, a mysterious fae, who offers her a way to earn her freedom if she helps them trap the vampire that attacked her. Dex is investing these vampires who have been abducting humans and promises to keep Elle safe if she plays the bait. Secrets abound and will the truth be revealed? This story is nonstop action and fast-paced entertainment. Highly recommend.

The Moonlight Masquerade (City of Wishes #3)

City of Wishes 3: The Moonlight Masquerade
By Rachel Morgan
Rating: 5/5

Book 3 did NOT disappoint. The ball has arrived!!! I love fairytale retellings! I’ve been waiting for this part of the story. Parts 1 and 2 set up Part 3 so you’ll want to read the first two books first. The books are more like episodes and end on a cliffhanger so be prepared for that. Elle is finally ready to request help from the Godmother, who can grant illegal wishes. Elle is not willing to pay the ridiculous price that the Godmother requires, so Elle tries to trick the Godmother. Of course, more surprises ensue at the ball! I’m so in love with the characters and I can’t enough of this world. Highly recommend for those who love YA fantasy and retellings.

The Eternal Night (City of Wishes #4)

City of Wishes 4: The Eternal Night
By Rachel Morgan
Rating: 5/5

If you have not read the first 3 parts of this series, STOP. Read those 3 parts first and then come back and read this 4th part. There will be 6 parts total, so expect cliffhangers until the end. Elle’s experience at the ball was not what she was expecting, and she failed to fulfill her mission for the Godmother. Now, she’s in hiding from her stepmother and the Godmother with the most unlikely characters. She and Dex must somehow figure out the location of this vampire king and confront him to save the world. Loving this series. Each part is definitely on the shorter side but it makes for a fast, yet satisfying, serial. Highly recommend.

My thanks to the author for an ARC of all 4 books. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. No positive review was expected and no compensation received.

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