Book Review: Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow

Through My Eyes
by Tim Tebow with Nathan Whitaker
Rating: 5/5
(Published 2011)
HarperCollins – Biography

Tim Tebow was almost never born. A doctor advised his pregnant mother to abort the baby, but she refused and the rest is history.

Tim grew up in a large family, homeschooled by his mother, heavily involved in sports, and raised to believe and trust in God. He had a seemingly picturesque childhood which laid the foundation for an incredibly strong man of God who always pushed himself to be the best he could be. This is his journey  of growing up and attending college at University of Florida. His many admirable accomplishments on and off the field are chronicled in a detailed account that any sports fan will enjoy.

Not being the most avid football fan, especially college football fan, I approached this book with curiosity. Having just finished reading about Olympic gold medalist platform diver, David Boudia, I was curious to see how well written this biography was. I was very impressed with the detailed writing. I felt this book was written and flowed better than David Boudia’s book. Tim’s story was quite charming to read but some of the football lingo was a bit lost on me (he tried to insert explanations but the visual learner in me was still a little confused). I’m not sure I will ever understand everything about football but you can tell that Tebow is incredibly passionate about the sport – basically lived and breathed football.

Since I’m not the biggest fan of football, why did I pick up this book to read? Actually, why did I request this book for a Christmas gift? I admire his passionate faith. As a Christian and someone who fell in love with the Philippines on a short term missions trip, I can relate to Tebow’s life in some ways. His passion to do everything for the Lord and be a good example is inspiring. He constantly pushed himself to do and be better – not for selfish gain, but in order to honor and give glory to God. How can I not admire his determination and fortitude to stand for morality and not back down when confronted? He is truly an amazing example of what God can do with someone willing to be a chosen vessel? Throughout this story, Tebow weaves in his relationship with God and is very transparent about his feelings. He shows great depth and courage and the reader can’t help but to support him on his journey. He continues to pursue his dreams and honor God in the process.

I highly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it, especially if you are a college football fan.

I also just saw that Tebow has another book coming out soon, Shaken (Amazon link), coming out in October 2016, and can’t wait to read it.

Note: As someone who is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor, Tebow’s story encouraged me to press on and never give up. I want to continue to honor God in everything that I do.

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