Book Review: Saving Justice by Susan Crawford

Saving Justice
by Susan Crawford
Rating: 4/5
Redbud Press – Fiction | Christian Romance
Release Date: March 24, 2015

Nash has made great strides to overcome his poor and underprivileged upbringing in a bad neighborhood. He has vowed to never return, but circumstances bring him back to his old home in need of renovation and into a young boy, Justice, and his teacher, Kinley.

Kinley is on a mission to provide the best care and education for her elementary students. She stops by her student Justice’s house to find him vandalizing Nash’s car. Kinley is sure that Justice didn’t mean to do it and will pay Nash back with community service — by helping with house repairs. Kinley is convinced that she can reach her students before they fall to far into the gangs and end up dead like her brother.

Nash and Kinley butt heads because Kinley thinks that her students can be saved from a life of poverty and destruction but Nash just thinks she’s got her head in the clouds. The odds are not in favor of Justice. What is Justice involved in? Can Nash and Kinley save Justice before it’s too late. Is someone after Kinley because of her meddling? Is it possible for Nash and Kinley to get along to save Justice?

This debut novel by Susan Crawford was an excellent read. I was captivated by the characters from the start. She wrote from a very interesting perspective: a teacher that’s determined to make a positive impact on her students. Kinley reminds me of the kind of teacher I would want to be if I had chosen to teach. She just loves on her students and truly cares what happens to them.

I loved the play on words with the title. What a great name for a little boy. It was interesting to see Nash, who had overcome his past, begin to see his own value in the lives of those from his old neighborhood. Justice just needed a good male role model in his life. He needed hope that his life was not the end of the road if he didn’t want it to be.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian romance with a bit of intrigue.

I received this book for free from Redbud Press in exchange for an honest review.

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