Book Review: Where Rivers Part by Kellie Coates Gilbert

Where Rivers Part
by Kellie Coates Gilbert
Rating: 4/5
Texas Gold Collection
Revell – Contemporary Fiction

Dr. Juliet Ryan has the perfect life, or so it seems. She has dreams of making the world better by providing the best quality assurance for America’s drinking water. She has a great job and is up for a promotion. Her boss believes in her and her abilities.  She has a secret boyfriend who got her the job. However, her father, a premier scientist, is determined to expose Corporate America’s greed over food safety. Juliet is sure her father is wrong since she is at the forefront and knows her boss wants food safety before more money. Unfortunately, something sinister is happening in the background. Young children are dying in San Antonio, and no one knows why. As the situation escalates, Juliet is unsure of who to trust and why she even needs to feel that way. Can she trust the people that she works for? Can she trust the man she cares for? Will her father only be proven correct? Can she figure out what is happening before more people suffer and die? Does God even care in the midst of such a storm?

I really enjoyed reading this story since I majored in biology and took a class on food microbiology. When I began reading, I was instantly transported back to my college classes and that was fun for me. The author was very good at explaining things that the general public may not be aware of. I even learned some new things. The author’s real life experience really made the story seem so real. When I started reading, I didn’t know what to expect from the cover. The cover picture is nice but I honestly didn’t realize the story was modern from the cover and title. This story reads more like a mystery than a romance which is not what I was expecting but that’s okay. I still enjoyed the characters and their struggles and triumphs.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a book with mystery and science with a hint of romance thrown in.

I received this book for free from Revell in exchange for a review.

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