Book Review: Raptor 6 by Ronie Kendig

Raptor 6
by Ronie Kendig
Rating: 4/5
The Quiet Professionals series

Estranged from the only family he has left, Captain Dean Watters considers his Special Forces elite team his only family. When 10 secret military computers go missing, his mission is reacquire the stolen tech. If he fails and the enemy is able to crack the code to access the computers, millions of Americans lives will be at risk.

In Afghanistan as a missionary, Zahrah Zarrick is determined to give every girl (and boy) a fighting chance by teaching them English. She finds herself unknowingly entangled in a dangerous game with the Taliban. When she disappears without a trace, Captain Watters and his team must find a way to save the retired general’s daughter before it is too late. Can Dean get over his fears of captivity and torture to save the woman who has stolen his heart?

I am a big fan of Ronie Kendig. Her military experience as an army brat and her extensive research make for an authentic and exciting read. She creates characters that are real and likable. Although the story seemed a little confusing at first (especially with the Kindle formatting), I was still able to pick it up and devour the text. I wanted to get to know the characters and how they came to be. I wanted more, so I’m glad that this is just the beginning of the series. There were definitely some threats that weren’t resolved by the end of this book, so I look forward to the next book. However, I feel there could have been more development with the main characters and their backgrounds but maybe that will happen some more in the next book?

This is definitely another exciting, military mystery read from Ronie Kendig!

I received this book for free from NetGalley but was not required to give a positive review.

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