The 4th Floor Lounge by Amanda Hamm Rating: 4/5

Meet Charlotte (not like the spider!) – a college sophomore who is currently staying in the dorms and out of her current roommate’s love life. In order to pass the time, this gorgeous but weird introvert finds refuge in the 4th floor lounge of her building. She also finds a few good friends and that’s all she needs. No one else. Since she was young, her older brother’s friends would always flirt with her to get a rise out of her, so she can never trust the guys in her life. She is NOT a talker and she likes to blend into the background. She is constantly approached by guys but finds that they only want one thing and she’s not willing to go there. Her new friendships are jeopardized when she begins to have feelings for one of them.  Can she find a way to keep her feelings to herself and keep her friends?

I thoroughly enjoyed this lighthearted story about the inner thoughts and feelings of a young college girl. She is not perfect but she is real. She has real fears and feelings and dilemmas. She is not a social butterfly. She has her crises and turns to her parents and her church for help. Having been down the college road recently (and being somewhat an introvert), I can identify with her.

The writing is easy to follow and has good pacing. I loved all the characters with their real life reactions and feelings. Not your typical college story of romance, but one that is equally satisfying to read. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for an easy and fun romantic comedy novel!

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