Review: The Note by Angela Hunt Rating: 5/5

Peyton MacGruber is a columnist for “The Heart Healer” in the Tampa Times, who strictly writes facts with no nonsense. She is about to lose her job as a columnist if she can’t find a way to gain more readers – she has the lowest readership of all the columns. When PanWorld Flight 848 goes down in the bay, Peyton witnesses the loss and sorrow and does her best to help out. When a woman, who reads her column, gives to her a handwritten note of a father’s forgiveness that was salvaged by a plastic zipped baggie, Peyton knows her next column should be about searching for the person whom the note was meant for. This note may or may not be a hoax but in a time full of sorrow and tragedy, the hope of finding the recipient drives Peyton to write from her heart. With only a first initial to guide her, Peyton must investigate all of the passengers and their children to deliver a message of forgiveness and love, while she deals with her own feelings of neglect from her father.

I absolutely loved this book and I’m curious to see what Hallmark did with the story as a movie. I loved the character of Peyton – she was so real and had to deal with sensitive situations in her life. The story of forgiveness is beautifully written into this incredibly interesting “what-if” story. I was in tears by the end because of how emotionally attached I became with Peyton’s character. The note:” T- I love you. All is forgiven. -Dad”  was truly life-changing for the characters and the story will touch your heart.

I highly recommend this book! (I received this book through Goodreads Bookswap)

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