Review: The Skin Map by Stephen R. Lawhead Rating: 3/5

The Skin Map by Stephen R. Lawhead revolves around a series of characters that are searching for the Skin Map. What is the skin map? You’ll have to read the book to find out! This sci-fi, action & adventure story is fun, exciting, and full of interesting twists and turns that span different dimensions. Kit Livingstone must leave his boring and mediocre life behind to discover what his true talent is and where his destiny lies. Throw in time-travel and world travel over the span of mere seconds and you have a story that will keep you guessing and traveling space and time.

Lawhead is able to weave a very confusing tale about many different characters into a solid story of adventure and time-travel. Although I found the story was slow in the beginning, it definitely picked up after the first few chapters. While I did find all of the switching back-and-forth between characters and storylines to be very confusing, I also enjoyed the suspense that created with the characters. Some of Lawhead’s characters do not have a lot of depth but others were a pleasant surprise. As for the Christian angle, it was very subtle and not too preachy. There seemed to be a lot more myth than religion in the story, which goes along with the timeline of the story. If you like adventure with a sci-fi twist, I would definitely recommend the book.

I received this book for free from with Thomas Nelson but was not required to write a positive review.

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