Book Review: Can’t Buy Me Love by Andrea Christenson

Can’t Buy Me Love
by Andrea Christenson
Book 2 in the Deep Haven Collection
Rating: 4/5
Release date: March 16, 2021
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Who doesn’t love a good Cinderella retelling? LOL. The romantic in me just loves the idea and I must say that Andrea Christenson does a good job of blending a contemporary love story in a classic fairytale complete with a “glass slipper”.

Spurred on by the tragic death of her mother, Ella Bradley is someone who wants to make a difference and has found a way to do that with the cleaning products she developed. She sets out to make a deal with the hotel conglomerate she owns a half-share in but is thwarted by a malfunctioning elevator. However, she finds the hour or so stuck with a handsome stranger a big plus until she finds out his true identity is not just Roger but Adrian Roger Vassos, the notorious but charming son of the man she plans to make a deal with. Meanwhile, Adrian’s lie may have long-lasting consequences if he wants to pursue a relationship with the beautiful and intelligent Ella Bradley, who he can’t seem to get out of his mind. His waterpark resort proposal must pass so he can prove to himself and his father that he is not a failure. When Ella discovers he plans on building that monstrosity of a waterpark in her own town of Deep Haven, she gets even more frustrated with the man. Misunderstandings and circumstances ensue and bring the two back together to do some community service in Deep Haven while Adrian and Ella try to convince each other that their own ideas are better. However, spending so much time with each leads to heartfelt conversations and realizations, which neither could confront before. Will misunderstandings continue to plague this would-be relationship? Can Adrian find his true purpose for being in Deep Haven? Can Ella escape the shame of her past and find a way to pursue her dreams?

Wow. I always love a good Deep Haven story. I was excited to receive an advanced copy of this new book. Although Andrea Christenson is a new author to me, I felt she did a good job of writing the beautiful love story with its fun quirks and antics. I found the spiritual parts not quite as emotional as Susan May Warren’s writing but they still held really good biblical truths that were relevant and genuine. I loved getting to know her new characters as they were introduced to the magic of Deep Haven. The misunderstandings that occurred with Ella and Adrian were hilarious as each just kept getting worse and worse. I enjoyed reading about the beauty of Deep Haven and the different activities available to tourists. (I wish I could go visit this beautiful place).

Highly recommend if you enjoy clean, Christian romance with humor and heart.

My thanks to the publisher for providing me with an ARC of the book. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. No positive review was expected and no compensation received.

Book Review: Still the One by Susan May Warren & Rachel D. Russell

Still the One
By Susan May Warren and Rachel D. Russell
A Deep Haven Novel
Rating: 4/5
Release date: January 12, 2021
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Welcome back to Deep Haven! Yes! I really enjoyed having the opportunity to jump back in and catch up with old friends. I laughed. I cried. I sighed. Lol. Though you do not need to read the other Deep Haven books, you really should! They are excellent entertainment and I highly recommend them.

Megan is a proud single mom of Josh and a successful wedding planner. She has dreams for expanding her business but just needs some more gigs for that down payment. When her childhood friend (dare I say crush) literally rescues her, sparks fly and it’s only the beginning. A divorced, former Army Ranger, Cole returns to Deep Haven because he must sell his grandfather’s house to pay for his grandfather’s skilled nursing facility before he can interview for a job as a Deputy US Marshal. When Megan finds herself needing his help assisting with wedding planning, Cole steps right up and gets the job done. After being burned in love before, can Megan and Cole find a way to trust each other and love again?

I think it might have been Jane Austen’s Persuasion that first introduced me to the concept of second chances. Who doesn’t love a comeback? Megan and Cole are not perfect. They are flawed but find hope in the Deep Haven community. I loved recognizing all the characters from Susan May Warren’s previous series. Both authors have a way with presenting authentic characters that need to deal with their past insecurities and trauma. Unfortunately, everyone can relate to feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. The reliance on faith is clearly laid out in this book without feeling too preachy. It has a message of hope to move beyond your past that is beautiful.

I was pleasantly surprised at how similar Rachel D. Russell and Susan May Warren’s writing styles were. I felt this book did not pull on my heartstrings as much as Susan May Warren’s previous books but the book still has a lovely impact.

So excited to read more books from Deep Haven! Highly recommend this book if you enjoy small-town Christian romance.

My thanks to the publisher for providing me with an ARC of the book. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. No positive review was expected and no compensation received.