An Engagement of Sorts by Alene Wecker

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About the Book

Title: An Engagement of Sorts
Author: Alene Wecker
Genre: Regency Romance
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Release Date: August 9, 2021

Much to her mother’s dismay, spirited Anne Fletcher spent her youth seeking her father’s approval by hunting and riding. More comfortable in breeches than ball gowns, Anne sees the freedoms she once enjoyed slowly taken from her in the name of fashioning her into an eligible young lady. When her parents try to force her into marriage, Anne makes a desperate attempt to salvage her last vestige of independence. If she is to marry, she will do so on her own terms. 

Anne strikes a deal: if she cannot secure a man for herself, she will agree to marry the husband her parents approved. She soon finds herself in the last place she would ever choose—that stifling parade of etiquette, the London Season. Anne’s plan is in motion. Now all she needs is a man willing to masquerade as her fiancé.

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About the Author

Alene Wecker (Author of An Engagement of Sorts)

Debut novelist Alene Wecker stumbled into the profession while trying to entertain herself during a banal bout of bedrest. But the characters in her head wouldn’t leave her alone until she gave them space on the page. She hopes you will be as entertained by her character’s antics as she was.

As a mother, voice teacher, and opera singer, she must have a penchant for fun but poorly-paid professions. She likes to pretend that her experience and master’s degree in vocal performance come in handy as she describes debutantes who, like herself, speak several languages and are frequently forced to display their mediocre skills at the pianoforte.

Alene lives in a century-old, Craftsman-style home in Lehi, Utah, with her husband, six children, and a prankster of a ghost whom she has affectionately named Casper.

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My Review

An Engagement of Sorts
by Alene Wecker
Rating: 4.5/5

I love finding new authors who write beautiful and witty stories about love and its many mishaps. Alene Wecker does it all with hilarious aplomb and I can’t wait to read more from her. I enjoyed the story so much that I purchased the ebook for myself! 😉

As someone who enjoys reading about strong female leads, especially in times where women were regarded as the “weaker sex”, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the main character, Anne Fletcher, was so relatable and passionate and never felt like she fit in the way her mother wanted her to. She preferred to ride and hunt with her father and brother. When Anne is sent to London for her first “season” she must do her best to find a fiancé to prevent herself from marrying her best friend (who she loves as a brother), Will Skinner, the local country vicar. When the flirtatious Mr. Thomas Paling continues to call on her and frustrate her, she must learn to hide her feelings about him. When faced with past trauma, Anne must find a way to rescue her friends from an evil man and Mr. Paling offers to help her. Can she and Mr. Paling work together to obtain the evidence to put an evil man behind bars? Can Anne continue to deny what’s in her heart?

The author weaves a clever and hilarious story about two people who are flashy and passionate and don’t fit the mold that society dictates. I feel like everyone has felt like they didn’t fit the mold at one time in their lives. The characters are so relatable and adorable and I just loved this romantic comedy. Though predictable, I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the story and would love to read more. Anne’s vibrant personality was so lively and endearing. I found Mr. Paling to be so endearing and passionate. The way that he believed in Anne was so inspiring and beautiful.

“Do not change who you are because of me. You are a rushing waterfall so loud it deafens all else. Your beauty is in your raw power. Stop trying to tame yourself into a tinkling fountain.”

Highly recommend if you enjoy Jen Turano and Esther Hatch’s writing with feisty heroines and hilarious banter and happenings.

Content: Clean read but some instances of predatory behavior toward women.

My thanks to the author and publisher for providing me with an ARC of the book. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. No positive review was expected and no compensation received.

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