Chi Alpha Winter Conference Notes

Friday, 1-15-10 Winston Bui

Heb 11:21 Jacob leaning on his staff
Staff – carved designs on for specific events to be remembered; OT, staff represents your life

Ex. 3 Moses
Ex. 4:2 Moses, lay down your life (staff)
What’s in your hand?
Lay down your life.

1 Sam. 17:40 David & Goliath
Ps. 23:4 Your rod and your staff comfort me

1-16-10 AM Char Blair

Who will take your trash?
-Remove the mask and reveal what’s underneath –> to see the real you

1. Be honest with God about what or whom you worship.
Ps. 115:8

2. Be honest with yourself about your weakness(es)
– In all of your realness, be RIGHT.
– You are NOT above the rules.
* Identify with the sick only long enough to get well.
– The very thing that makes me vulnerable to sin is the same thing that gets God to “slows down” and see in order to save you.
2 Cor. 12:7-10 Christ’s strength moving in on my weakness
– He’d rather have you messy than not at all.

3. Be honest with others about who and where you are
– Rule of truth – no one has the right to tell someone else “the truth” until they have spent time, energy, and focus to learn the truth about themselves.
– The power of being in touch with your weakness
–> we all struggle and need a Savior
–> in society, health = absence of pain
–> in Kingdom of God, everything’s different – opposite – painful process toward health

1-16-10 PM Winston Bui
Is. 38:18
– Hezekiah doesn’t want to die.
–> Hezekiah was willing to praise God, so God added 15 more years to his life

2 Chron. 20 Jehosaphat – as people began to sing praises to their God, …
– He will fight your battle b/c battle is His
– Praise will make God fight your battle

Acts 15:25 Paul & Silas – prison praise
– Death is gateway into presence of God

1-17-10 AM Char Blair
-Life doesn’t turn out the way you think it will
Lk. 9:57-62 If you follow me, I am homeless
– Terrain is uncertain – requires all strength
– Flexibility – having ability to bend w/o breaking
Wannabe disciples:
1. Over eager –> ask before being asked to follow
2. Wait a year first
3. Bid farewell to family first
– Can’t plow a straight line if you keep looking back
– Following Christ takes our undivided attention – not on again, off again relationship
* In every Christian’s heart, there’s a cross and a throne
– You can bend or be bent
– e.g. Palm Tree
– Our job is to go deep; God’s job is to go wide.
– Palm tree is extremely flexible – cut it but can’t kill it

– God doesn’t need me but He wants me involved.
– Sitting at His feet –> true satisfaction –> being content with my portion
– Being a servant is hardest and most fulfilling job in my life
– One person can change the season in your life.
– When you set aside dreams and visions to serve someone else, your dreams come true too.
– Faithfulness –> God has called me to be faithful – Mother Teresa
– In mundane moments, miracles can happen.
– Death of my desires brings about His desires.
–> Never settle for less than His desires.
–> Reversible death vs. Irreversible death – I’m really good at giving CPR to my flesh
– What is your Italy?

Jn 12:25 Lose your life


1-18-10 AM Char Blair
Jer. 31:3 Everlasting love
The gift is always greater than the individual

Spiritual abuse:
– God’s love and favor depend on my behavior
– God’s too big to care about me
– A strong faith will keep me from pain

Having a hard time with church –> separated from Bride
– Must be committed to the Bride
– The higher the commitment, the lower the attraction
– I love the Bride b/c Christ loves her

Ez. 16:8-14
The Bride keeps me accountable
Accountability = offering up info before it’s required of you
– We need to be pushed. There will be things in your life that you’ll never do unless you are pushed.
– Bride makes me a better person – give and take
– Feed others while being fed
– Helps make mature believers
– Guarding my heart while opening my arms
– When people get together, God shows up.

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